A project funded by the European Union has won a prestigious award from the Professional Journalists Association of the USA (Society of Professional Journalists). The project “Colorblind Colorful But” brought together journalists and non-Roma to produce a series of 25 short stories that reflect the Roma communities in Central Europe and east. The aim was to offer a vision to put out the simplicity with which they address the issues affecting the Roma and promote greater participation of Roma journalists in the media. The project also sought to strengthen intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding among journalists, was selected in the separate category of award for journalistic excellence in digital media, Sigma Delta Chi Award for excellence in journalism in the digital media.

Most of the Roma in Europe has a persistent poverty, social exclusion and discrimination, and their situation is even worse as a result of financial and economic crisis. These problems can be exacerbated by stereotypes about their communities, stereotypes coverage of the media can feed very objective. The project objective is Colorblind Colorfull But breaking stereotypes against Roma through the creative use of mass media in the coverage of the situation of minorities. For this project brought together 50 journalists and non-Roma Gypsies who were formed with the help of writers from various media.

The project focused on Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, all countries with significant Roma population. Was co-financed with a contribution of 303.040EUR for the agenda of the EU Fundamental Rights and citizenship.

The 25 videos that comprise the project can be found here: http://roma.glocalstories.org/

Source: European Commission