Networks for researchers, activists and social workers

Growing interest in the “Roma issue” is testified by the numerous research networks being built between scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field of Roma inclusion.

A notable action is the Urba-Rom – Observatoire Européen des Politiques Publiques en Direction des Groupes Dits Roms/Tsiganes which also hosts a generous resources centre that gathers the main researches and reflections on the topic, as well as a collection of websites in various international languages. On the topic of health one can find research reports dealing with the health situation of Roma in Hungary, Italy, US, Greece or Northern Europe.

A new joint action between the Council of Europe and the European Union is aimed at setting up a European Academic Network on Romani Studies, beginning in June 2011. The project reflects a DG EAC initiative on Intercultural Dialogue and aims to support efforts towards the social inclusion of Romani citizens in Europe. The call for membership is still on.

Third, the Romanis in Europe network aims at building an interdisciplinary network of scholars, researchers and practitioners with the specific interest of conducting evaluative research on the policies targeting Roma communities and thus to contribute to Roma inclusion. You can find a comprehensive European policy documents database, and some country profiles (Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary).