Call for Proposals for Action Grants covering the Drug Prevention and Information Programme

The call for proposals is based on the Drug Prevention and Information Programme’s Annual Work Programmes for 2011 and 2012 and combines the priorities as well as the resources available for both years. The available funding consists of an indicative amount of EUR 4.953.200.

Some of the priorities for this call are similar to previous calls for action grants under DPIP. New areas of priority in this call include – inter alia – developing best practices in the field of quality standards and guidelines in drug demand reduction, innovative approaches in identifiying, monitoring and responding to new patterns and trends in the consumption of new psychoactive substances, innovative approaches in the prevention of Hepatitis C in drug users, collection of drug-related emergency room admissions and projects that aim to enhance economic analysis regarding the drug problem.

The deadline for submission of proposals is:  TUESDAY 17 April 2012, 12h00 CET.

Some important notes:
Projects must enable progress to be made in attaining one of the priorities outlined in this calland require a minimum partnership of 2 eligible organisations from 2 different EU Member States and cannot have an initial duration exceeding 24 months. If the applicant/partner is from any of the EFTA States that are parties to the EEA Agreement (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway- hereafter referred to as the “eligible EFTA States”) the project must involve in addition at least two eligible organisations from two different EU Member States. Projects that have already started or are completed before deadline for submission of the proposals will not be eligible for funding.
Only projects, which do not aim to generate a profit, will be eligible for funding.
EU funding cannot constitute more than of 80% of overall eligible project cost and requested amount under this call cannot be less than EUR 75.000.
Applicants must comply with the conditions set out in the call and follow the instructions stipulated in the Guide for Applicants published with this call.

Overall priority will be given to large-scale projects built on a wide partnership involving organisations from a significant number of EU Member States/eligible EFTA States and offering a true European scope and relevance.

The projects under this call for proposals shall focus on the annual priorities described below. They must consist of transnational projects, studies and research, exchange of best practice, study visits, staff exchanges, seminars, meetings, conferences or a combination of these. Specific attention will be given to new types of addictions with regard to use of new psychoactive substances.
Proposals must demonstrate their innovation and show that there is no duplication with existing activities, including those foreseen by the EMCDDA.

The Call for Proposals together with the Guide for Applicants is published on the website of DG JUST: