Report on the meeting in Paris, France

By Mathilde Archambault from Hors la Rue and Elsa Fontanille from Efus

On 21st and 22nd March, all partners of Srap met in Paris for a coordination meeting, with the aim of evaluating the progress of the project. During this two day meeting, partners discussed the transferability of the key results of the research and also about prevention methodologies and evaluation. They identified the next steps of the project and work on the sustainability plan as well and in particular how to involve new institutions or partners in the programme.

On the first day,  all participants were welcomed at the day care centre of Hors la Rue in order to present the associative project, to introduce the educative and administrative team to everyone as well as to visit the centre where children are hosted on a daily basis.

The team members described the different missions and objectives of the association: the outreach work and the social follow-up of children in danger and in wandering situation in the departments ofIle-de-Franceas well as the actions of advocacy towards public institutions in order to improve the protection of the youth. The team has also presented the specific methodology to reach out the youth in danger in the streets of Paris, and especially the ones that don’t initially seek help.

The question of the follow-up of children in a situation of exploitation has particularly held the attention of the participants. It gave rise to extremely interesting discussions among everyone about the extension of this phenomenon inEuropeand on the new methods that we need to implement in order to facilitate the social follow-up of those victims. We also lengthily discussed the common addiction problems faced by those trafficked children who are getting younger and younger (from 12 to 14 y.o.). The specific characteristics of those children, as their high geographical mobility and obligation to work during day time, make the implementation of actions for the prevention of addictions particularly difficult.

Generally speaking, we believe that it is fundamental for all SRAP project partners to visit the operational places of each partner and to meet all team members. Indeed, this enables the exchange on our respective beneficiaries and practices as well as to compare our social and educational approaches and methodologies. Thereby, it surely facilitates the implementation of adjusted and concerted actions in the frame of the SRAP project.

Aside from the meetings, a field visit was organised to Tête à Tête on the second day. Located in the middle of Rosny 2, one of the biggest shopping centres in the Ile-de-France region, Tête à Tête is a centre providing a modern approach to informing and advising young people on questions relating to drugs, sexuality, violence and lack of well-being. The idea is to offer a confidential space where it is easy to speak about delicate issues anonymously and without being judged. Tête à Tête’s setting in a busy public space is part of the centre’s fundamental plan to be accessible to young people and to reduce the stigmatisation that often characterizes the topics of drugs and sexuality.




The next Srap meeting will be held in Bucarest, in September 2012.