Presentation of the project SRAP at the Regional Conference dealing with the prevention of the alcohol abuse (Novo mesto, June 14th 2012)

By: Tea Sulič
RIC Novo mesto

On 14th June  2012 the Regional Conference dealing with the prevention of the alcohol abuse took place in Novo mesto. The conference was organized by the Institute of Public Health Novo mesto and it was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Health, the mayor of the Municipality of Novo mesto, representatives of the Institute of Public Health, and other institutes and societies in the region, dealing with the problems of preventing alcohol abuse. At the conference Tea Sulič from RIC Novo mesto presented the work at the project SRAP.

The conference featured the presentation of the alcohol problems in Slovenia and data about the alcohol abuse in the region itself. The recorded use of pure alcohol per adult inhabitant older than 15 years of age in Slovenia stands at 10.5 l per year, placing Slovenia in the 5th place among the European Union member countries (2009). The estimated unrecorded use of pure alcohol adds additional 4-5 l per inhabitant older than 15 years of age (WHO, 2005). Slovenia places 3rd in the European Union according to the mortality rate due to the cirrhosis of the liver. The alcohol use is extremely high within the region. This is also proofed by the results of the ESPAD research (The European School Project on alcohol and other drugs; 2003, 2007, 2011) and the CINDI research (Countrywide Integrated Noncommunicable Disease Intervention; 2001, 2004, 2008). The ESPAD research showed that wine use is prevailing among the students in the region, separating use from other students in Slovenia. More than half of the interviewees admitted to have already been intoxicated. The share of students who started drinking younger is increasing as well.

The representative of the Institute of Public Health presented the interactive web page MOSA (the Mobilization of the community for more responsible attitude towards alcohol). Their interactive web pages include clear, dynamic and easily accessible information about alcohol problems and it also encourages various agents, who are directly or indirectly included in program forming and/or policies for dealing with alcohol problems directed to connecting and cooperating. An agreement was formed at the conference, stating that project SRAP will also be presented among the agents at the MOSA web page (