We are campaigning!


Fundación Secretariado Gitano has started a new campaign, in order to raise awareness to Roma youngsters on the importance of education. Here are the main arguments and the latest information on what they are preparing.


At FSF, we have started a new awareness campaign. Here are the main arguments and the latest information on what we are preparing.

The Fundación decided in 2009 to focus its main awareness actions on education for the next years. And so we launched in 2010/2011 the campaign “When I grow up I Want To Be...”, to raise awareness to the Roma families on the importance of accomplish the secondary education, campaign that received two recognitions as Good Practices by the European Commission.

This year 2012/2013 we make a step forward and we launch a new campaign aimed at teenagers, with the same objective: to encourage them to finish secondary education and to continue their studies.

How do we raise awareness of teens? Through a street action in 14 Spanish cities, designed with the advertising agency Bassat Ogilvy. We call on boys and girls to participate in a casting; we set up group dynamics in order to know their dreams for the future and we portray them in a photographic set. The castings take place in Valencia, Murcia, Albacete, Pamplona, Vitoria, Santander, Oviedo, Sabadell, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Madrid, Badajoz, Sevilla and Granada. A very involved team of the Agency develops the casting that, of course, wouldn´t be possible without previous notification and the involvement of the staff of our FSG offices in those cities.

The casting turns on in a “small party” and participating in it is being interpreted by the Roma families like an award and an acknowledgment of the teens. We like it! The Agency also shares with us the idea of the educational component that supposes for those teens to participate in an advertising casting.

On the Blog http://gitanos.org/gitanosconestudios/ (available only in Spanish) you can see the process, with a lot of photos of the protagonists.

Two important moments of the campaign will follow: the first, by the end of October, which will involve the Roma youngsters and their families; the second, by mid November, addressed to political and institutional representatives, opinion-leaders, mass-media etc, with the aim to make know this campaign.

The campaign will have different graphics and audiovisual that will be available on its “microsite” on Internet.