Novo Mesto participated in a national conference during Addiction Prevention Month ( 7 November 2012, Slovenj Gradec)

By Tea Sulič 

RIC Novo mesto took part in the national conference at the month of the prevention of addiction on November 7th 2012 which took place at the Mladinski kulturni center Slovenj Gradec (Youth Culture Centre). The organizer of the conference was the Public Health Centre Ravne na Koroškem in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia..


The content of the national conference was directed towards the challenges in prevention, especially in the field of selective and indicated prevention. The constant emergence of new forms of psychoactive substances, trends, usage, different subgroups within the population, which need specialized and »evidence-based« programs, demands constant adjustments also in every level of the prevention of addiction. Therefore, the following groups were invited to the national conference: public institutions, non-governmental organizations, local action groups and others, who deal with the field of prevention in their work, as well as with the treatment of addiction and re-integration.


The main theme and the slogan of this year’s national conference was: »More sources, more options«. With this slogan the organizer wanted to stress the importance of different sources in the prevention (as well as the treatment programs, rehabilitation and harm reduction):; of professional, organizing and last but not least financial sources. The fact responsible for choosing this topic was that in Slovenia there is a wide range of possibilities of interventions and approaches in the area of universal prevention. On the other hand, the choice of programs of selective prevention intended to specific target population (marginalized ethnic groups, youth from de-privileged environment, young delinquents, risky families) in much smaller.


At the national conference, the negative consequences of current economic situation on diminishing inequality have been exposed; in the field of mental health as well as in the field of addiction prevention. Numerous saving measures, canceling of regional expert structures, moving of professional personnel from periphery to city centers and abroad, …. , are threatening to increase the inequalities in accessibility of various preventive (and other) programs, while the distress of these people is going to intensify.


The newest data of the ESPAD 2011 research has been presented at the national conference, as well as strategic documents in the field of illegal substances in Slovenia and examples of good practice. The SRAP project, which is managed on national level by RIC Novo mesto, is most definitely one of the programs which has highlighted the problem of drug abuse among the Roma at the national conference and presents an interesting experience of working with the Roma community at the local level.