Report of the final event of the SRAP project, 21st July 2013, Venice

On the 21st of June the final event of European project SRAP – Addiction prevention within Roma and Sinti communities took place in Palaplip auditorium in Mestre (Venice).

The event was attended by around 40 people and among them there were social and health professionals, educators, medical personnel and some Roma families living in Venetian area.

During the first part of the event (from 6 to 7:30 pm) a public conference was organized with the participation as speaker of Davide Carnemolla (social worker of GEA Scoial Cooperative and member of the SRAP Venice team), Loris Levak and Carmelo Coco (president and vice-president of Association Rom Kalderash). The conference was opened and presented by Sandro Simionato, deputy mayor of the City of Venice, and Alberto Favaretto, coordinator of Harm Reduction unit at the City of Venice.

During the conference, the speakers presented the activities of the SRAP project carried out in Venice and the main outputs, outcomes and recommendations of each work package (in particular WP4, WP5 and WP6). They also added ideas and proposals for future activities and projects with Roma and Sinti communities in Venice. Besides it, the speakers introduced the history and the socio-cultural features of Roma and Sinti local communities and the prejudices and discriminations (by institution, media and people) they suffer at local and national levels. They underlined the importance of mutual respect and knowledge when social and health professionals meet Roma and Sinti clients. The conference was followed by a brief debate with the audience.

The second part of the event – from 7:30 to 9:30 pm -included a buffet offered to all the participants and a concert of Balkan music by the group “Ajde Zora”.


Written by Davide Carnemolla, member of the SRAP Venice team