The RIC Novo mesto staff training program

RIC Novo mesto has developed a staff training program for employees, who are in contact with the Roma. In period April – June 2013, we carried out training for different target groups – for health workers, for social workers, teachers and adult Roma. For each group, we carried out a module, which was the most interested for them.  So we carried out the following pilot modules: “Peculiarities of the Roma communities in Slovenia”, “Intercultural communication”, “Preventive workshops for Roma representatives”, and “Informing and raising awareness among the Roma about the forms of help in the field of health care and social services”.

The lecture “Peculiarities of the Roma communities in Slovenia”, which was held in the School of Health Sciences Novo mesto, was especially well attended. 75 participants came to the lecture; amongst them were mostly students, future health workers and other professionals who are in contact with the Roma in their daily work. Lecturer Jožek Horvat Muc (MA) gave a presentation on Roma history, their culture, particular habits, customs and beliefs that affect their mentality and actions and are closely connected to their relationship to health. He stressed the importance of training the Roma for health care work. The results of the Roma health workers who enter Roma settlements, understand the Roma language, patient’s peculiarities and their environment, were so far very successful in the European area. Therefore, he recommends that most prevention activities are carried out in Roma settlements.

Module Intercultural communication was held for health workers in Health Centre Novo mesto, for social workers in Centre for Social Work Novo mesto, Centre for Social Work Krško and for teachers in Primary School Bršljin.

In module Preventive workshops for Roma representatives were included 108 young Roma participants, who were informed also about different forms of help in the field of health and social care in our environment.

All the modules have been carried out to the extent of 100 hours and involved 243 participants. All participants were satisfied with the content of modules, so we hope   we can organize such trainings in next years.


Article by Meta Gašperšič, RIC Novo mesto