To understand better young Roma people’s attitude and behaviour towards drugs, and analyse the factors that trigger drug abuse, thanks to a research conducted throughout Europe, in the countries of the partners of the SRAP project

To transfer this research and knowledge in Europe

To strengthen the prevention skills of young Roma and improve the intercultural health approach of healthcare workers

To raise awareness among public health decision-makers, and among civil society, about the specific needs of young Roma, and to promote health and prevention policies and actions catered to those needs

To promote the inclusion of this issue in the research agenda and the adoption of evidence-based approaches in mainstream policies

Expected outcomes of SRAP

  1. A better understanding of the phenomenon of addiction among young Roma: what triggers consumption and how young Roma use drugs
  2. A transferable intervention methodology tailored to the needs of young Roma, available to health workers in Europe
  3. Train health workers to enable them to relate to young Roma and provide Roma Communities with information on health and addiction services
  4. Enroll young Roma in prevention actions, and raise their awareness about the effects of use/abuse of drugs
  5. Ensure that young Roma know about health services, and what they can get from them
  6. Set up a pan-European network dedicated to addiction prevention and harm reduction among young Roma
  7. Raise awareness among policy makers and decision makers working in the areas of health, addiction and research about the issue of drug use/abuse among young Roma people.