Addiction affects the whole society but it has a deeper effect on Roma communities because of their social exclusion, marginalisation and poverty. The negative effects of addiction spread in areas and cities where Roma communities live, creating social prejudices, difficulty of integration, and insecurity. It also has an impact on health and social services.

The approach towards drug abuse among Roma people is usually focused mainly on security and law enforcement, while ignoring health. Prevention and treatment of drug abusers is not a priority.

The general objective of SRAP is to tackle the prevention and reduction of use/abuse of legal/illegal substances among young Roma.

In order to contribute to this general aim it is necessary to understand better how drugs are used and perceived in Roma communities, particularly young people, and what triggers drugs consumption and abuse.

Based on this assessment, prevention policies can be tailored to the specific situation and needs of Roma people.

The network of partners involved in the SRAP project will develop a multidisciplinary and transferable approach to prevention, with the objective of empowering young Roma people, and training addiction/prevention workers in Roma culture and specificities.