A network

Efus acts for its network and through its network. It aims to be a focus-point for study, dialogue and cooperation between its 300 members, to identify and to share good practices and to assist cities in their everyday analysis and the improvement of the effectiveness of their action.


Diversity of themes, of partners and of tools

Its vocation being to address all aspects of urban life, Efus develops its expertise and leads its lobbying activities through programmes dedicated to various themes: drugs, local politics, mediation, migration, training, prostitution, organised crime, youth, terrorism, schools, police, etc.

This work is undertaken in partnership with local elected representatives, judges, police officers, project managers, coordinators, social workers, diverse institutions (academic and research institutes, assistance and prevention foundations, ministries, universities etc.)

Services adapted to the needs of local authorities

To become a member of Efus is to benefit from a range of high-quality services:

  • Access to a vast network of knowledge, experts, contacts and experience
  • Personalised training solutions, advice and technical assistance on questions of security
  • Participation in cooperation programmes and exchanges, co-financed
  • by the European Commission.
  • Invitation to conferences, seminars and training programmes
  • Regular publications and newsletters
  • Access to the website, its discussion forum and practical documents

Led by the cities through democratic management

Efus’ management is led by an executive committee comprising 27 local authorities, elected by direct, universal suffrage by the entirety of the network of members. It is financed by membership fees, by European Commission project funds, as well as various governmental and international contracts.

Efus has inspired the creation of numerous National Forums throughout Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain) and across the world (Africa, Latin America). Its headquarters are in Paris,  with offices in Brussels and Budapest.

For further information about Efus, visit our website : www.efus.eu