PARADA Foundation is a Romanian non-political, non-profit, non governmental organization (NGO),  legally recognized by Court on 15th of February 1996.  PARADA is a member of the Federation of Child Protection NGOs in Romania,   the Dynamo International and the Romanian Harm Reduction Network.

The aim of PARADA is to support the children and youngsters in difficult situations by providing them with basic services, involving them in formal and non-formal educational activities and facilitating their social integration.  The main non-formal educational activity of Foundation is teaching circus skills to the children and youngsters as an attractive chance and alternative option to the life on the streets.

The mission of the Foundation is the social integration of children and youngsters in difficult life situations, by using a collaborative approach with the beneficiaries – meaning that beneficiaries participate first as partners of the Foundation and then as decision takers of their own life. PARADA Foundation is a place where the beneficiaries rediscover the perspective of a normal life, self-esteem, as well as respect for others and get the necessary tools for setting up an individual life plan.

PARADA provides beneficiaries with a holistic care: from offering them with food and clothing to ensuring a safe environment. The Foundation also provides street youngsters with social and psychological services and professional reinsertion through the mobile unit (“Caravana”), the Day Centre and the social apartment.

Through the outreach program “CARAVANA” and  the provided services, PARADA established a special  relation with street groups and has the experience of working with mixed groups of Roma and non-Roma street connected communities. Currently , professionals work with more than 12 to 15 street mixed ethnic groups/communities in Bucharest.

PARADA Foundation  is a highly reliable NGO, which proved its capacity of implementing projects aiming at improving the social situation street children and youngsters, thus reaching a number of 300 beneficiaries from Bucharest in 2010.

In almost 16 years of activity, PARADA showed the capacity of managing and implementing projects as a partner or applicant organisation, being provided with funds from various sources: governmental, European Commission grants, associations, companies.

In the SRAP project, Parada Foundation is involved in the coordination of the project by nominating an expert in Roma and drug prevention issues for the Advisory Board. As part of the coordination action, the foundation set up a Local Stakeholder Advisory Committee which involve Roma people and stakeholders, with the aim to ensure that activities and outcomes meet the needs of the target groups.

Parada is involved in ensuring visibility of the project by acting as a partner organisation and providing the input on the dissemination materials, organising a local workshop for the partnership meeting and participating in other project events.

Parada participates in the research action developed in the project by adapting the methodology to the Romanian context and  assessing the knowledge, practices and attitudes of Roma youngsters and their families in relation to the use of addictive substances, the access to the health services, and identification of the factors leading to drug use. After the research analysis, the foundation will be involved in development and testing of the intervention for the prevention of early drug use and the reduction of consumption. A special training will be adapted and delivered to the Roma adolescents and their parents, aiming at further impact in the community.

As a project partner, Parada contributes to the development of the method and tools to increase addressability of the roma youngsters to the health and addiction services, and enhance  the capacity  of the services, as well as implementing locally the actions and supporting dissemination of the results.