Hors la rue is a non-profit organisation that supports unaccompanied minors in Paris and the surrounding area.

The main goal of Hors la rue is to facilitate the transition for these children into general well-being and the appropriate child protection services to meet their needs.

The organisation focuses on fieldwork and provides educational activities in its day-center. The educational team works to contact and build relationships with young people in order to find individual solutions to improve their daily life and to facilitate their transition to school enrolment and social services.

The majority of children that Hors la rue works with are of Eastern European origin due to historic ties of the organisation with Romanian non-profit organisations and the educational team’s Romanian speakers. These children are often Roma, living in shanty-settlements in the Paris region. Hors la rue also works with children of various other origins that are contacted through field work or partnerships with other organisations.

In the framework of the SRAP project, Hors la rue is a partner organization that carries out fieldwork. It is unique in the project because of the migrant Roma public it works with.