The Development and Education Centre Novo mesto (RIC Novo mesto) is one of the leading adult education organisations in South-East Slovenia with more than 50 years of experience in working with adults.

At present, there are 35 people employed at RIC Novo mesto, working together to develop and implement innovative formal and informal education programs for different target groups: young adults, the elderly, women, unemployed, students, the Roma people, people with special needs, migrants and other vulnerable groups.

RIC Novo mesto has extensive experience in managing and coordinating different projects, especially within the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the Dolenjska region, co-financed by the European Social Fund.

As the leading partner of the Centre for Lifelong Learning of Dolenjska region, we have been responsible for managing and coordinating activities, workshops and trainings at 21 points for lifelong learning in larger towns of SE Slovenia. As part of this project, a Consultancy Centre for adults has been established which offers information about computer and language courses, education and training possibilities etc at seven branches all over the region.

A Mobile Advisory Service for the Roma has also been established within the consultancy centre.

An important part of our activities is the Third Age University which has been operating for 11 years and currently has more than 360 active members. The offer of the university is very widespread and also includes computer literacy programmes, reaching from basic and advanced Microsoft Office programmes course, computer for everyday use, Internet and e-mail lessons etc. In the 2009/10 academic year more than 1850 people attended the educational courses and programmes.

For 10 years, RIC Novo mesto has also been organising Study Circles who are lead by a skilled adult education mentor. Members of Study Circles define the content of their own learning; the contents of study circles learning is diverse, e.g. language, arts, history (art, natural), cooking, baking etc. Further, elderly people were given the opportunity to learn ICT skills in a friendly environment through the project Grandparents and Grandchildren, co-funded by the Europan Social Fund.

With regard to the European intergation and cooperation, we have gained experiences of management and partner coordination in various partnerships. First, we are actively involved in the ET-struct project within the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, co-financed by ERDF, where we cooperate with 16 other partners from 7 different countries. The Et-struct partnership is aiming to build a Europe-wide network of regional experts and decision makers in the fields of economy and education, and develop and pilot on-site and online learning systems to educate, train and retrain regional workforces.

In 2010, RIC Novo mesto successfully organised and coordinated a Grundtvig Workshop Happiness and Health in the Clay for senior learners from 7 European countries. Besides this, we have been cooperated in organising a Comenius Partnership “A Bridge to the Roma” between two Gymnasiums in Slovenia and Germany.


We joined the SRAP project within the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers in order to help preventing drug abuse in the Roma communities.

The SRAP project carries an important transnational added value for RIC Novo mesto. Through the researches in collaboration with our partners, we intend to improve the understanding of the Roma youth lifestyles and their specific characteristics when dealing with drug use. We will spread the knowledge about a healthy lifestyle amongst the Roma youth, we will inform them about the prevention and treatment of drug addiction, and we will also motivate them to actively participate in various activities. Although RIC Novo mesto is not the operator of any work package within this project, we are nonetheless actively involved in all the work tasks which are carried out within individual work packages.


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