Organisational details

Full name of the organisation: Roma Public Council “Kupate”

Full name of the organisation in latin characters: Roma Public Council “Kupate”

Acronym of title: RPC „Kupate”

Registered address /street, number/ town / post code / country: 87 Otec Paisii str/ Sofia/ 1303/ Bulgaria

Telephone: +359877508448

Fax: +35929310230

Status of organization:



Type of organisation:

non-profit non-governmental

informal group

body active at European level in youth field


Contact person

Title (Mr., Ms.): Ms

Family name: Doseva

First name: Evelina

Role in the organisation: Programme coordinator

e-mail address:


Person authorised to represent the organisation in legally binding agreements (legal representative)

Title: Mr

Family name: Mladenov

First name: Zlatko

Role in the organisation: Chairman

e-mail address:


Short presentation of our organisation (key activities, affiliations etc.) relating to the domain covered by the project. (Max. 1000 characters):


To work toward eliminating discrimination and closing the unacceptable gaps between Roma men and women and others .

To formulation and adoption of comprehensive policy addressing Roma issues in an integrated manner, capable to break the social exclusion circle.


promotes minority rights, as required by the CoE’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

facilitate participation in employment, access to quality education, health care, access to resources, rights, goods and services;

prevent the risk of exclusion

disseminate information, organize specific consultation processes within Roma community

ensure genuine participation of Roma representatives in all stages of the elaboration of policies.