Presentation of Società Dolce

Società Dolce is a Cooperative Society, that was established in Bologna (Italy) in 1988.

Società Dolce was founded by a group of young university students, who shared values and ideas about world and society. They were united by the desire to undertake an entrepreneurial experience that celebrates their profession in the world of work.

The first aim of Società Dolce is to provide diversified employment opportunities that can meet the professional needs and economic needs of young people in search of concrete and constructive work experience, and codifying the request coming from the market labour.

The second aim is summarized in the same denomination of the cooperative “Dolce”, which reveals the values and ideas on society that  put together the founding member.

Società Dolce is both a wish and a hope: in a increasingly complex society and fast moving, that leaves on the sidelines those who find it difficult to keep up, the cooperative is an instrument to produce services that promote a condition of better life more serene, at a glance sweeter.

And in 1994 this process of expansion and specialization led to transformation of cooperative Società Dolce from limited liability to cooperative company. The evolution of Società Dolce, both in terms of quantity and quality development, never stopped, as evidenced by,  among other things, the constant increase in value of its performances that stands on an average of 15% per annum.

Società Dolce provides answers to people with disabilities or hardship or poverty, and their families, with the aim to customize interventions in accordance with the individual needs.

It offers services that meet daily care needs and education (day centres and residential home care, educational sessions) and experimental services aimed to improving the quality of life and promote independent  living services, such as transport and holidays.

The beneficiaries are various: children, youth, elderly, socially and mentally disabled.

Services designed and made by Società Dolce for people are aimed to improving the quality of life: elderly care services, day centres, home protected, night shelters, health residences, etc.

Its staff provides multidisciplinary competencies as educators, sociologists, facilitators, care workers, outreach workers, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, nurses, doctors.

Our role in SRAP project

Società Dolce manages three Sinti settlements (camps) in Bologna on behalf the city districts local authorities. (general management of the settlements, actions to support the inclusion into the community , education and training activities, specific interventions for children).

Società Dolce participates in the project  SRAP to achieve these objectives

Knowledge of other realities, and comparison of best practices

  • Implementation of the work we do with the Sinti
  • Creation and testing models of prevention to drugs use with Sinti
  • Implementation of a network with health services

Società Dolce takes part in all WP, with particular commitment in:

WP 4 Action Research

Analysis of drug use, analysis of the conditions that lead to drug use, consumption patterns, analysis of the risks and consequences of drug use, special attention to the health and wel-being of Roma women.

WP 5 Participatory planning for prevention and consumption reduction

Development and testing of a participatory intervention for the prevention and reduction of consumption. It will be used an approach based on life skills with the ability to develop values ​​and skills of young people to allow a healthy development, to address their problems and resist the temptation to use drugs.

WP 6 Capacity enhancement of helth and addiction services

We will work with a cross-cultural approach to bridge the gap between Roma communities and the health sector. We will encourage young Roma to use existing health services, social services and the dependencies. We intend to promote the inclusion of the needs of Roma into practice on the prevention of drug abuse.