Objectives of the Srap European Network 

The European Network SRAP aims to improve the health of Roma communities in Europe and prevent drug addiction amongst Roma communities.

The network is committed to the following objectives:
1. To increase understanding and exchange on the behavior and practices of young Roma with regards to drugs
2. To implement actions of prevention
3. To advocate decision makers in the fields of public health and civil society
4. To promote the inclusion of the needs of Roma communities in research, policies and interventions in the fields of health and prevention
5. To promote access of Roma communities to social and health services and improve the quality of services


Benefits  of the Network

– Sharing knowledge, information, competences and experiences with other organizations and countries from all over Europe
– Access to a European network of contacts for further co-operation
– Sharing information on funding opportunities
– Access to contacts and knowledge that can support objectives and programs locally.



The network welcomes organisations and individuals with experience and competence in the following areas: Roma, health, migration, social inclusion, health of minority populations, addiction prevention and harm reduction from all over Europe.
Membership is free, subject to the signing of the letter of intent and approval of the Steering Committee of the network.
Members must commit themselves to the objective and the core principles of the SRAP Network, by signing the letter of intent.
Members might be asked to provide specific information with regards to their work, their experience and the situation in their region or country.


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